Danube Revisited
The Inge Morath Truck Project

Danube Revisited: The Inge Morath Truck Project is a photographic road trip and a travelling exhibition. Eight female photographers converted a truck into a mobile gallery and drove it along the length of the Danube River through Central and Eastern Europe. The moving exhibition featured the work of renowned Magnum photographer Inge Morath, who photographed life along the Daunbe before and after the fall of the Iron Curtain.


Who we are: Olivia Arthur, Lurdes R. Basolí, Kathryn Cook, Jessica Dimmock, Claudia Guadarrama, Claire Martin, Emily Schiffer and Ami Vitale.


The Inge Morath Award is given annually by the members of Magnum Photos agency to honour the legacy of Inge Morath, the first female member of the agency. Created in 2002, on the initiative of Larry Towell, and funded by the Magnum photographers themselves, it is both a tribute to their colleague and a way of supporting young women working in the industry. We were all recipients of this award when we were under 30 years old and it has helped us in many ways to grow in our careers as photographers.



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