This is part of Lurdes’ own look into The Danube. ‘Danube Revisited: The Inge Morath Truck Project is a collective female photographic road-trip and a traveling exhibition through Central and Eastern Europe along the Danube River. The tour took place place during the summer of 2014.

Many of Lurdes’ narratives are perceived from a distance enabling the Danube environment to play an allegorical role. The sea and the sky’s reflection act as a prelude to vignettes of women – portraying intimacy, acts of duty, sensuality and uncertainty. There is a strong sense of timelessness and alienation achieved in part by alternating nature and portraiture. These seemingly quiet photographs have a surreal dynamic through their subtle strangeness.

Celina Lunsford, curator

All of the photographers’ work was exhibited in 2016 as a global ‘Danube Revisited’ show in Fundación Telefónica Art Space (Madrid), in the context of PhotoEspaña 2016.